Subfab360 ATC

The subfab in the focus of sustainable semiconductor production

Subfab360 ATC is an innovative software solution developed to increase environmental sustainability in semiconductor production. It makes it possible to reduce energy and media consumption in the subfab area, which leads to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Semiconductor manufacturers use the software to control their exhaust gas purification systems and pumps in real time based on data from coating and etching systems. Subfab360 ATC is OEM-independent and offers simple interfaces (e.g. Ethernet) for smooth integration of process equipment and Subfab devices. This Active Tool Coupling (ATC) is already successfully used in volume production of semiconductors to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency.


Subfab360 ATC offers powerful functionality for adjusting and optimizing the performance of exhaust gas cleaning systems and pumps.

Microchip representation

Use of existing subfab equipment interfaces

Subfab360 ATC uses interfaces from Subfab devices to adjust their performance and operating parameters according to the current process conditions. This includes adjusting the fuel gas requirements of burn-wet systems and media consumption, such as nitrogen, caustic and fresh water.

Use of tool data via Interface A interface

Subfab360 ATC accesses relevant tool data via the Interface A interface to obtain precise information. This includes process gas flows, the status of tools and process modules as well as wafer processing information, including planning for future process steps.

Control of subfab devices

Subfab360 ATC enables special logic and algorithms to be applied to the process tool data to control connected Subfab devices in such a way that energy savings are achieved without compromising production quality.


Subfab360 ATC offers a user-friendly interface (GUI) that provides preset or freely configurable views. This allows operators to easily monitor and analyze the savings and operating status of Subfab devices and processes.

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Integration and compatibility

Subfab360 ATC is an open source-based software package that can be integrated into any existing semiconductor factory IT environment. As a flexible solution, it seamlessly complements existing software applications, such as monitoring systems.

No new hardware required

Subfab360 ATC is designed to utilize existing hardware without the need for additional investment in new equipment.

Rollout and configuration with common DevOps IT tools

Subfab360 ATC facilitates rollout and configuration by using common DevOps tools. This enables efficient implementation and maintenance of the software in your production environment.

Retrofit of existing devices possible

Subfab360 ATC makes it easy to connect existing appliances and abatement systems of different generations and types.

Ease of use

Subfab360 ATC was developed in the environment of semiconductor factories and is closely tailored to the needs of users. Subfab360 ATC focuses on the user with the following functions and features:

Individual configuration

The software allows users to customize configurations according to their own requirements and preferences.

Comprehensive online documentation

Subfab360 ATC users have access to complete online documentation to help them set up and use the software.

Graphical user interface

The Subfab360 ATC interface provides a clear display of all relevant information. This interface can be displayed in different languages and in an accessible design on request.

Technical support

Subfab360 ATC provides technical support to the high standards of large IT installations and data centers.