IIoT solutions for more sustainable semiconductor production

Optimization of energy efficiency and CO2 footprint in semiconductor subfabs

algorismic GmbH offers a process tool connection that has been tried and tested in semiconductor volume production for the demand-oriented control of subfab equipment. The intelligent process tool coupling with abatements and pumps (Active Tool Coupling) makes it possible to reduce the CO2 footprint of semiconductor subfabs on the basis of energy and media savings and at the same time achieve the best possible savings in operating costs.

Energy savings and emissions reductionction  in the subfabs of the semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry plays a decisive role worldwide as a driver of social development. At the same time, the manufacturing processes in this industry are extremely resource-intensive, which is why increased efforts are being made to reduce the environmental impact of semiconductor production.

algorismic strives to make a concrete contribution to this goal through the IT-supported optimization of subfab processes.

Provider-independent advice and customized configuration

The experienced team at algorismic GmbH has many years of expertise in the subfab environment of semiconductor factories worldwide. We are dedicated to the IT-supported optimization of semiconductor subfabs in order to improve the environmental compatibility of production processes in the semiconductor industry.

We establish interoperable IT interfaces between semiconductor production facilities and subfab equipment. Through the software-based, production-adapted control of abatement systems, algorismic raises potential savings in media consumption and supports customers in reducing emissions and optimizing business processes.

Our services are designed to be manufacturer-independent and customer-specific in order to optimally meet individual requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Reducing the CO2 footprint
  • Reduce media consumption and operating costs
  • No new hardware required
  • Use of existing subfab equipment interfaces

Our solution:

  • Subfab360 ATC is an open source based software product 
  • Complete and self-contained on-premise solution 
  • Manufacturer-independent 
  • Implementation incl. process- and application-specific security assessment

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From identifying potential savings to the co-integration of Subfab360 ATC

How we master your entry together

Kick-Off & Business Objectives

  • As-is analysis of the system inventory and technical requirements
  • Definition of the project team
  • Joint target and scope definition
  • Project planning (work steps & roles)


  • ACTUAL analysis of savings potential
  • Technical concept
  • Workshops on safety assessment


  • Software configuration
  • Device Management
  • Rights and roles concept
  • Installation
  • Test operation and function review


  • Data visualization 
  • Data analysis 
  • Data and environmental reporting

Business Application & Support

  • Ongoing use of the Subfab360 ATC
  • Customized reporting
  • Service agreements